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 Sunday, May 21, 2006

posted by : -> sleepsleep board is opening <-
my board is opening at http://boinc.ch/~sleepsleep/. Glad i got one now!! yew yew

so i would stop writing blog here and write there :) more easy to backup and could restore anytime i want to any server.

thank you blogger for hosting my blog.

 Wednesday, May 17, 2006

posted by : -> a DOS - 32 bits OS <-
why a DOS?
do we still need or want a DOS like operating system in current days?

is drag, click, double click, move mouse a "good" way to navigate / using operating system / managing the computer?

or a typing based command would win the mouse based command?

how about a JIT like feature for DOS? instead of a protected mode based OS, how about a real mode with JIT feature to control memory access?

with current CPU speed and abundance memory, JIT seems like quite a feasible idea.

so, user application could be developed easily and fast! (like php or javascript).

people don't want to memorize commands, they want like they would know instantly. (like GUI interface) :p

 Tuesday, May 16, 2006

posted by : -> .net framework vs c, c++, basic, asm, etc <-
the selling point of .net framework is , it makes you could develop a solution in short time. of course, fast development doesn't mean the application code is optimize and doesn't bloat.

.net is created targetted for people who want to learn programming, for boss who want to know at least a little bit programming language, for developer who works for money.

of course, .net could build nearly everything and of course, your pc need to have .net framework or runtime in order to run .net application.

microsoft even offer "free" .net express edition for people to try and download and play with it.

the conclusion, rich man rulez. lol.
by offering something free and marketing it, most people would try it.

the effect to future generation.
more and more people would be based on .net framework and that would be ms future stable income!! :p because without the framework, your application would not function.

programming is about managing the bits. by abstracting more and more, new knowledge is created and people would find it more and more harder to grab the basic concept.

it might be a blessed in short-time, but for long time, i doubt it wouldn't become a catastrophe.

 Saturday, May 13, 2006

posted by : -> Windows Picture and Fax Viewer <-
well, i usually use windows picture & fax viewer to view files like .jpg, .gif, .png or .bmp (usually), but since i got a .tiff picture file on my desktop (somewhere i got from nasa. lol) so i double click and open it to view.

and i found a new set of toolbar icons. (i never know that windows picture adds several support buttons for .tiff file) so.. felt like kinda surprise! :p

drx knew what i yelled in the irc room. lol.

well, nothing "extra ordinary" actually, just i never seen it before, so, it is kinda new for me. lol.

i modified the .tiff file (add a little bit box and extra info and save it) but it seems that loaded using paint shop pro wouldn't show all the boxes and texts. (this is probably a nice feature).

 Friday, May 12, 2006

posted by : -> problem 2 <-
in order to solve a problem, we comes up with choices.
the creation of choices depend on individual/group creativity & experiences & knowledge.

some people could solve a problem using several various method while some couldn't solve it and some choose suicide to leave the problem.

once a man in a society, it is either affecting or affected.
so, some people choose to seclude and lead a simple life in forest, cave or somewhere far from people.

of course, most people view such people as crazy or etc. but the point is, everybody have different needs & wants. some choose to gather lots of money, some choose to have a peaceful heart, peaceful state of mind and so on.

what is common today might not be common in the coming 10 years or 20 years. so what uncommon / weird today might be common and accepted by society in future 10 or 20 years.

the perception of society is based by majority perception. garbage in garbage out. democracy is only usefull when the people who vote are knowledgable and the objective to vote is to create a better result.

i preffer a body to control all the resources and outputs and everybody get the same output. things that needed control are water,electricity,food. these are the basic stuffs to live in current world. gov should make sure everbody could access to these resources without money.

wait till i form a government, i would share all these equally :p

posted by : -> regarding GetModuleHandle <-
peter pm me regarding the GetModuleHandle on my blog, well, i retry and somehow, now it works. lol. how come. i don't understand coz i know that the return of GetModuleHandle should be static. :p no idea ... why it doesn't works that day.

anyway. thanks to peter :p

 Wednesday, May 10, 2006

posted by : -> problem 1 <-
what is a problem? Could human increase their own knowledge / experience based on problems?

to identify a problem is a problem. If a problem couldn't be identified, so how human brain could think of a way to solve it?

maybe. problems are based on the desire to know and to learn?

problem, something that we want to know, but we don't know. something (result?) that we want it to happen as we intend.

maybe - how to be cleaver.
so, to be cleaver, we need to know a lot. we could know a lot by reading and doing.
but we are lazy to read & try. <- so this is a problem. (assumed we know the way to be cleaver)

we intend something, but we don't want to give out the effort or endure the difficulties.

so. all the problem starts - when we intend on something that we don't have. / know.

to free from problems, = to give up the desire, to give up the desire that we want something (result) to be like we intended.

to be continued ...

 Tuesday, May 09, 2006

posted by : -> CreateToolbarEx() <-
i got a call on GetModuleHandle at the front of code section and then i stored the values. It should be at the front of code in order to facilitate the CreateWindow api.

and then i do a CreateToolbarEx on WM_INITDIALOG, and supply the hInstance value with the module handle value i got previously, but application failed and exited by windows os with a wrong memory error message.

i always thought the GetModuleHandle returned is static and didn't change, then i do another GetModuleHandle call near the CreateToolbarEx and supply the EAX value to it and it works!

the moral of the story, don't trust the GetModuleHandle value you got!!

i am doing a little bit disassembler thingy, and i found a nice site. http://www.geocities.com/~sangcho/disasm.html. created by a korean professor.

 Saturday, May 06, 2006

posted by : -> a free wallpaper slider <-
just coded this free wallpaper slider/changer/autoer etc. lol
i saw on internet, some people sell it for USD 24.

could be downloaded from here.

i created the sort of single html page for it so that it looks more like a commercial stuff. lol. (it is free, don't worry)!

 Wednesday, May 03, 2006

posted by : -> COM in assembly language <-
been trying to get a COM to works on a assembly program.

found great articles here:
1. COM in ASM Code

2. some chinese programming site

 Monday, May 01, 2006

posted by : -> simple fast debug using INT3 <-
you could use INT3 in your assembly code to halt the current pc instruction to runs. of course, if you try to do this without a debugger, windows would pops up a error message box.

however when an application which loaded using a debugger come to INT3 instruction, the application would halted and you could check what are the registers (EAX,EBX,ECX,EDX,ESI,EDI,EBP,ESP values, and modify them if you want.

well, to reverse engineering an application, perhaps, you could just inject the INT3 instruction somewhere around the part you are interested :p :p and check on the values.



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