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 Tuesday, May 09, 2006

posted by : -> CreateToolbarEx() <-
i got a call on GetModuleHandle at the front of code section and then i stored the values. It should be at the front of code in order to facilitate the CreateWindow api.

and then i do a CreateToolbarEx on WM_INITDIALOG, and supply the hInstance value with the module handle value i got previously, but application failed and exited by windows os with a wrong memory error message.

i always thought the GetModuleHandle returned is static and didn't change, then i do another GetModuleHandle call near the CreateToolbarEx and supply the EAX value to it and it works!

the moral of the story, don't trust the GetModuleHandle value you got!!

i am doing a little bit disassembler thingy, and i found a nice site. http://www.geocities.com/~sangcho/disasm.html. created by a korean professor.



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