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 Tuesday, May 16, 2006

posted by : -> .net framework vs c, c++, basic, asm, etc <-
the selling point of .net framework is , it makes you could develop a solution in short time. of course, fast development doesn't mean the application code is optimize and doesn't bloat.

.net is created targetted for people who want to learn programming, for boss who want to know at least a little bit programming language, for developer who works for money.

of course, .net could build nearly everything and of course, your pc need to have .net framework or runtime in order to run .net application.

microsoft even offer "free" .net express edition for people to try and download and play with it.

the conclusion, rich man rulez. lol.
by offering something free and marketing it, most people would try it.

the effect to future generation.
more and more people would be based on .net framework and that would be ms future stable income!! :p because without the framework, your application would not function.

programming is about managing the bits. by abstracting more and more, new knowledge is created and people would find it more and more harder to grab the basic concept.

it might be a blessed in short-time, but for long time, i doubt it wouldn't become a catastrophe.



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