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 Wednesday, May 10, 2006

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what is a problem? Could human increase their own knowledge / experience based on problems?

to identify a problem is a problem. If a problem couldn't be identified, so how human brain could think of a way to solve it?

maybe. problems are based on the desire to know and to learn?

problem, something that we want to know, but we don't know. something (result?) that we want it to happen as we intend.

maybe - how to be cleaver.
so, to be cleaver, we need to know a lot. we could know a lot by reading and doing.
but we are lazy to read & try. <- so this is a problem. (assumed we know the way to be cleaver)

we intend something, but we don't want to give out the effort or endure the difficulties.

so. all the problem starts - when we intend on something that we don't have. / know.

to free from problems, = to give up the desire, to give up the desire that we want something (result) to be like we intended.

to be continued ...



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