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 Friday, May 12, 2006

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in order to solve a problem, we comes up with choices.
the creation of choices depend on individual/group creativity & experiences & knowledge.

some people could solve a problem using several various method while some couldn't solve it and some choose suicide to leave the problem.

once a man in a society, it is either affecting or affected.
so, some people choose to seclude and lead a simple life in forest, cave or somewhere far from people.

of course, most people view such people as crazy or etc. but the point is, everybody have different needs & wants. some choose to gather lots of money, some choose to have a peaceful heart, peaceful state of mind and so on.

what is common today might not be common in the coming 10 years or 20 years. so what uncommon / weird today might be common and accepted by society in future 10 or 20 years.

the perception of society is based by majority perception. garbage in garbage out. democracy is only usefull when the people who vote are knowledgable and the objective to vote is to create a better result.

i preffer a body to control all the resources and outputs and everybody get the same output. things that needed control are water,electricity,food. these are the basic stuffs to live in current world. gov should make sure everbody could access to these resources without money.

wait till i form a government, i would share all these equally :p



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