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 Saturday, May 13, 2006

posted by : -> Windows Picture and Fax Viewer <-
well, i usually use windows picture & fax viewer to view files like .jpg, .gif, .png or .bmp (usually), but since i got a .tiff picture file on my desktop (somewhere i got from nasa. lol) so i double click and open it to view.

and i found a new set of toolbar icons. (i never know that windows picture adds several support buttons for .tiff file) so.. felt like kinda surprise! :p

drx knew what i yelled in the irc room. lol.

well, nothing "extra ordinary" actually, just i never seen it before, so, it is kinda new for me. lol.

i modified the .tiff file (add a little bit box and extra info and save it) but it seems that loaded using paint shop pro wouldn't show all the boxes and texts. (this is probably a nice feature).


Hey Sleepsleep!

I don't use the Picture and Fax Viewer because it has an exploit. It can execute code and a reverse shell can be started. I have programmed some test-files to check the security but not to damage the systems. I think there is no Patch for this yet as I tryed it on win2k3 and it worx.

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