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 Saturday, December 31, 2005

posted by : -> the last day in the year of 2005 <-
today is the last day in the year of 2005.
so much things happened in this year :p

maybe i should consider my self lucky. coz i still live till today.
new year is coming :P, new hope, new wish

i hope i would know more than what i know now (hopefully)
be a better person.
win more battles :)
think more and more.
understand more about myself

and etc...

wish everybody happy new year, and wish everybody lucky.

 Friday, December 30, 2005

posted by : -> crazy google <-
my blog was ranked at 2nd yesterday and today it is gone!!... wonder why? some how this crazy google should be blamed. it should ranks me first because sleepsleep has no direct or indirect connection with sleep, can't the google search understand??

now, my blog couldn't be found by the search string "sleepsleep"... yahoo search also couldn't find me.. wats wrong with their search algo??

lol :D

see if tomorrow google would rank me first..

 Thursday, December 29, 2005

posted by : -> omg, sleepsleep blog ranked "2nd" in google search for sleepsleep <-
i just search sleepsleep using Google Search and wolla!!.. my blog ranked 2nd. check the below screenshot!!

Google ranked sleepsleep' blog 2nd :)

ok, why i am not first :p

posted by : -> dynasty network <-
wow. i set a irc channel "#50webs" yesterday on dynasty network. it is dedicated to http://www.50webs.com who gives me a web hosting service for free.

btw, you could join the irc room by clicking on this link irc://irc.dynastynet.net:6667/50webs. and you need a irc client, and if you are using opera browser, they got a built-in irc client, for firefox, you might need to download this add-on (https://addons.mozilla.org/extensions/moreinfo.php?id=16&application=firefox)

maybe i would hanging around in that server for a while :)

 Wednesday, December 28, 2005

posted by : -> s1m0ne ~ You Make Me Feel (Like A Natural Woman) <-
computer crop the part s1m0ne - singing, coz maybe my pc loves s1m0ne. and then my computer self-upload it to rapid share. btw, my computer got high AI, he did this all by itself.

k, how to download this crop.
first of all, please visit the following links and download all the files. my pc split the whole 11mb file into several small .rar (so pc didn't have to waste its effort let say if suddenly disconnected) ~ you need to click on the [Free] button in order to download the file.

and you need real player in order to view the clip (my pc just told me)
and if you hate real player (bloatware) like i do, you can get real alternative here.
real alternative 1.46

links would open new window :)

part-1 (2mb)
part-2 (2mb)
part-3 (2mb)
part-4 (2mb)
part-5 (2mb)
part-6 (1.7mb)

after downloaded the above files. extract the ed_a.part1.rar file, if you having problem with extraction, then probably you need 7-zip / winrar / winzip utility to unrar it. and 7-zip is free, you can get it here 7-zip and winrar is 30 days trialware.

and hope you love it :)

posted by : -> s1m0ne ~ rachel roberts <-
i watched this yesterday and quite like the song "You Make Me Feel (Like A Natural Woman)" sang by Aretha Franklin.

s1m0ne is a computer generated human, i have no idea how to differentiate which part of the movie is the real s1m0ne (rachel roberts) and which part is fake.

take a look.

s1m0ne pictures1m0ne picture

the point is not she is sexy (coz i don't think so, but she got some kinda attraction (beauty) which i think is greater than sexy) hard to use my vocabulary to describe.

below are links to this movie and her related resources:
wikipedia - rachel roberts
rachel roberts fans site ~ seems no longer update

btw, i only admire her appearance inside this s1m0ne movie. and i only think she looks well in this movie. i have no idea why she is so much difference out side of this movie. perhaps she could tell me someday.

 Tuesday, December 27, 2005

posted by : -> resources <-
if someday someone invented or discovered a new resource and make it freely available to all, then probably earth would have peace by then.

mankind history told us that human always fight for resources, steal other resources. how much does human really need in order to live in this world?

energy, food, water, shelter, transport.

history repeats when a stupid moron become a leader.

 Monday, December 26, 2005

posted by : -> anything, nothing, something <-
anything = one of the thing
nothing = not a thing
something = some of the thing

to be or not to be.
death is a real thing which happened since there is living. but people have so less knowledge about what is death and after death. people are so afraid of death and many choose not to understand what is death. usually people who make such choose also ignore what is living.

many think, to live is to enjoy to the fullest. this maybe part of the mission but not the sole purpose of living. further more, we need to define what is "enjoy".

of course, we could try to put or forget everything, to live happily ~ ignorance is a bliss? perhaps.
the more you know, the more easy for you to get happiness and unhappiness. like yin and yang.

 Sunday, December 25, 2005

posted by : -> happy holiday <-
today is holiday, white and red everywhere.
if you are in snow countries, then you probably are playing snowballs war now!!
hopefully everybody got some great food today coz the big day is coming soon.

 Saturday, December 24, 2005

posted by : -> why the world is so chaos today? <-
i guess maybe there is just too little resource but too many human in current world. people attitude is a big

problem too. so many people want, but so less people willing to share. people just care about themselves. people

are so afraid of having nothing, people are so afraid of death. people are so damn selfish.

the problem is, what is the point to be in heaven if they are still so selfish greedy like now (even tough they are

lucky to be in heaven later?) so heaven is just a different place than earth.

today world is ruled by greedy sucker and they keep sucking more money from people. people are so scared of

having nothing, so they keep on working for those suckers.

what to do, people haven't realize the purpose of this life. so am i, so confuse.

 Thursday, December 22, 2005

posted by : -> matrix reloaded, revolution <-
oh, i watched matrix yesterday.
in one of matrix reloaded scene, the oracle said we are here not to choose, but to understand what we have choosen. (sounds ... em) need 10 years to think on this statement.

my audi s3 still in progress, i need to learn a lot on modelling. it is kinda hard to get it into the shape we like.

life goes on, am happy and grateful that i could wake up this morning.

 Tuesday, December 20, 2005

posted by : -> 3d audi s3 <-
i am in the process to build my first 3d car (audi s3). hopefully everything gone smooth and i could make this car hopefully before end of this week. btw, i am using anim8or to build this car.

i am slow in progress coz i am learning this thing step by step. how to model this car and rendering as well as texturing.

audi s3 side view (in progress)

~ self-restudy.

 Sunday, December 18, 2005

posted by : -> happy birthday <-
today is my brother birthday, happy birthday brother.
hope everyday you are happy, not today only.

i am busy to learn 3d modeling lately.
find a good stuff named POV-RAY, http://www.povray.org/download/

well, if you are considering to buy a new motherboard or new pc, please make sure the motherboard IGP (internal graphic processor) is not S3 chip, they got problem with 3D software.

thats all.

 Saturday, December 17, 2005

posted by : -> anim8or ~ a 3d software <-
i don't know if you love to "create", but i want to show you a nice 3d software, it is "anim8or". you can get it from here anim8or web. btw, it is Free!!!.

the size is just less than 2 MB.!! astonishing...

 Friday, December 16, 2005

posted by : -> dream ~ dream ~ dream <-
i would dream in almost every sleep since few years ago (when i started to realize). i don't know what is the "sign" of such event, maybe just something i haven't be able to figure out.

so, what did i dream yesterday, em... kinda forget already (13 hours already since i woke up) ya, my dream is about my school days, i saw my best friend, a girl (can't tell u her name), my school, a motorbike. btw, my dream is 64-bits / pixel colorful ~ not black and white.

life seems to be more real in dream compare to reality. just my opinion. every action, thought are so instant in dream.

i can fly in dream, move in real fast speed back and forward, jumps up really high and more... i am like superman in dream and i love it. perhaps once human die, they would float like when they are in dream. there are several times where during dream, i could use the mind to think and choose what i want to do (but not always). and there are times also during dream, i know i am in dream. (which is fun but usually doesn't last long ~ about few minutes then i sleep).

dream is fun and worth it, i wish i could spend more time to sleep and get a good dream instead of this ***** reality life. world is full of ?morons? ... and somehow i am forced to be one of them. sad. imagine a situation, you are in a class with morons and a moron teacher, so when teacher ask everybody to raise up their hands, although u don't want but since teacher ask everybody to do so, then you are forced to raise up your hands (like those bunch of morons). ~ well, something like that. now, imagine the teacher as government and students as citizen ~ and perhaps you could get what inside my mind.

k, stop here.

 Thursday, December 15, 2005

posted by : -> H5N1 <-
i just watched the national geography documentary about H5N1 virus from tv. (bird-flu virus). wikipedia - H5N1.

quite scary because the documentary sort of list out what could possibly happen when H5N1 outbreak globally and could be spread from human to human. most of the human fear death and if you had watched the movie "war of the world" (a film directed by Steven Spielberg) ~ how human react when something could take away their life appear then you could imagine something like that to appear in real life when H5N1 comes out to hacks everybody life.

people only realize life is so precious when something like this happen, why... perhaps the human mentality is just like that.

ya, we are just waiting to die once so hopefully everybody die in a calm way.

 Wednesday, December 14, 2005

posted by : -> lol @ this world <-
funny world,
this world is quite funny.
it is funny why i am here, what i am doing here.
most of the human related thing are out of compute.
we love logic but at the same time, we human (most of the time) are quite unlogic.

lots of thing cannot be explained and perhaps damn hard to explain.
am i stupid or wat, ya, i guess i am stupid, the more i know, the more i know i am stupid. so lot of thing to think, maybe even if i spend my whole life to think, i wouldn't be satisfied. what i really want. i don't know and why should i want something. and why nothing is not something?

funny world with funny words, funny human.
what is the point of all that could be seen, hear, touch ...
if u think i am crazy, i think you are more crazier than i :)
destiny. ya, to die once. sad (?) but true?
why words must have meaning? funny rules are all out there.

k, if you don't know what i am thinking, plez ignore this post :)

 Tuesday, December 13, 2005

posted by : -> step by step to set and check 50webs email using online yahoo mail <-
here is a step-by-step approach to check your 50webs email using online yahoo! mail services.

first, go to http://mail.yahoo.com and log in (make sure you got a yahoo mail account already)

after log in into your yahoo mail account, click on the [Options] link as shown on the below image.

and then click on [Mail Accounts] under the Management category like below. (marked green)

click on the the [Add] button because we want to add the 50webs POP email server into our Yahoo! Mail services.

after you pressed the [Add] button, you would come to the below image, type an account name eg. 50webs or some other else, not really important, just a name to identify an account. btw, "50webs" would do. then press on the Continue button (left below).

once you click on the [Continue button], you would come to below page, for mail server, key in "mail.50webs.com", username is your 50webs.com FTP username and password is your 50webs.com FTP password.

the indicator color is a way to differentiate the message whether it is from 50webs mail server or not. click on the [Setup Mail Server] after completed.

so, now, we have completed setting up our yahoo! mail service to check the mail from 50webs.com, what we do now is testing.. ya. testing.

you could ask your friend to compose one mail to your 50webs.com account or you could do this yourself. (i preffer doing it myself) so check the below image.

once completed, i sent and now back to your INBOX, you would notify a new option on the left. [Check Other Mail], now, let say if you want to check your 50webs mail now, you just need to press on the "mail.50webs.com" link. (like below)

and you would receive your watsover@yourid.50webs.com email like below.

The End.

btw, plez do some modification like below, because yahoo! mail default POP mail options is to leave the email message on your POP server.
click on the [edit] like below. if you want to leave those message on 50webs mail server, then you don't need to do the below modification.

choose "50webs" and click on [Edit]

uncheck the "Leave mail on POP server" and Retrieve new messages only. like below

 Sunday, December 11, 2005

posted by : -> why old software? <-
as time goes by, every new software would become old software but is that possible for human (programmer) to create a software that never become old? human strives very hard to create a new kind medicine that could prolong our life and if possible, they want a medicine that could make human retain their young stage forever.

the problem to such question is, "is that possible"? i believe, with the advance in bio-medical industry, they already created medicine that would prolong our life, imagine we could live till 700 in age!! well, if you are poor, maybe you hate it, but wealthy guy would absolutely like this idea.

poor & rich ~ well, that is another long topic which need lots of defination.

there are just so much factors that prevent a software stays forever, they keep advancing (getting bloated actually) which each newer version. try imagine the setup size for windows 95 to windows xp, it is 55MB jumps to 1.3 GB and it just happened within 10 years!! oh did i mention the coming vista is about 4+- GB ?

we keep reinvent the wheel, sort of wasting time, but you see, it is fun, and usually programmer treat it as learning approach. the reality is, the thing, the code you did now, probably, some people after 10 years later would come and do it one more time. (it is funny such reality exists, but they did existed for thousand of centuries already!!)

actually, this touch a bit about how knowledge could be imparted from person A to person B? worth a more deepth think!

so how a software could be young forever? the software must able to self develop. ya, self develop. (viruses and worms are good example!) software must self-learn without intervention of third-party. (auto-update is not what i mean).

imagine an anti-virus software that could develop its own antibiotic to heal the infected system (not downloading from AV web, if like that, it is those AV programmer whoose actually does those detection & healing job).

imho, software is and should be our slaves. their job is to learn the best so that they could serves us better and our job is to command them at our wish.

k, stop here before mind going into another world.

posted by : -> set blogger service using FTP on 50webs.com <-
i already set up http://www.blogger.com service on 50webs.com, so i share the how-to here for people who want to have such easy blogging services on their 50webs host.

first of all, please go to http://www.blogger.com and click on the [CREATE YOUR BLOG NOW] to sign up an account.

fill in the blanks, and accept their terms of services then click continue.

you would come to below image and click on the [Advanced Blog Setup].

for the ftp server field value, please check the mail posted by 50webs when a virtual host was added. remember! you need to had a virtual host already before trying to add the blogger services into your 50webs host.

so i fill in sleep.50webs.com for FTP server value. (reffer the email)

now, for the FTP path value. use the same as what you fill for FTP server value except you add a slash at the back like below. (if you want to modify this value, make sure you know what you are doing.)

for the blog file name and url, you can (adjust according ur 50webs host) and fill it like below. you can put "index.html" as blog file if you wish to serve your blog as your main page (like what i did). if you plan to put your blog file inside different directory, please make sure the directory is created already in your virtual host.

after that, proceed and choose your template.

click continue and your blog would be created and now you are ready to post your first message into your blog.

put some text and try publish, blogger would ask 50webs username and password so that it would ftp there and put your files there.

if everything success, you would have the blogger blogging service link to your 50webs virtual host and you could start blogging now.

posted by : -> sleep first post :) <-
this is my first post on this blog :)
glad to see i finally manage to alter a blogger template which i feel quite nice. well, nothing in my mind now, maybe there are just too much thingy still in process so i can't type what really inside my mind.

maybe i just want to make this blog contained many post, so that it would look nice when somebody visited here.

k, stop typing here and btw, i just added a google adsense code on the template, and if you don't know what is google adsense program, you can try to google the net and read and then participate here http://www.google.com/adsense



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