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 Monday, January 30, 2006

posted by : -> imagine <-
imagine we are in the coma state, we can't move any part of our body except our eyes. it is like the moment when we are in dream (in the state we aware of it).

is there anything out there is more blessed than having a good healthy body? i don't know.

we all afraid of illness. everybody become so down when illness hit one of the family members.

how to live, why should i learn when i knew that it is impossible for me to get all the knowledge. it is funny to see human repeat the life for some hundred thousand years already

there are too much things to ponder. maybe human don't want to be given the title "God", but human love to have all the good qualities like God.


 Friday, January 27, 2006

posted by : -> happy chinese new year <-
gong xi fa cai.
the day after tomorrow is chinese new year.


for me, new year is like everyday. nothing special, maybe i am weird, but who care and so what :)

human glory is just temporarily. lol

 Tuesday, January 24, 2006

posted by : -> africa <-
i wonder how is the life in africa.
do they really care if they need to use yellowish water daily to wash, to drink?
i don't know. never been to africa.

maybe life is like this. if you are poor, then you have no voice power.
poor = powerless = no voice = no choice = silent = beg others = lose dignity

even if poor, one must also live up as a man. a real man.

ya. knowledge is the power. only knowledge could help human to get a better living standard. but unless human willing to share. otherwise it would be only a portion of them who get those good living qualities.

so don't wait tomorrow. start from now, share the thing you dont' want or even better the thing you want. to others.

together. human create a new world.

 Monday, January 23, 2006

posted by : -> china won man and female double single badminton match <-
i wonder if you all watch today all england badminton final.
china grabs all the golden medal :p

the korean lose in 2 sets only. looks like the malaysian player is more better than him because he won a set when versus with china in semi final yesterday.

i am doing my secret project lately.. lol.. not something big actually. but i hope this one could get me some money later. (of course, i would released it for free and welcome donation)

ya. today till here ;p

 Saturday, January 21, 2006

posted by : -> get f by rich edit <-
i am doing an application related with rich edit control and today maybe is my unlucky day. coz i am quite tired today.

some code

the problem is when you try to SendMessage,[hwnd],WM_COMMAND,ID_F1,NULL in WM_INITDIALOG event, your text in rich edit control would get selected. (maybe the control haven't initialize properly) but this might be a bug? who knows.

so the best practice is, never testing your code in the WM_INITDIALOG event, the better way is to create a button, and trap the WM_COMMAND event and do your testing there.

f by this rich edit. maybe this is my own fault, but perhaps microsoft PSDK page should update a little on what to do and what not to do in WM_INITDIALOG event.

posted by : -> more cleaning <-
i shift my room's furnitures several times this week.
because i want to get a different feeling from this room.
chinese new year is coming soon. guess is next sunday.

this year would be a simple year. have nothing to buy in my mind now. i guess i got pretty much i want already. what more to ask. perhaps a healthy body and free from all the troubles.

wish you all happy chinese new year. gong xi fa cai

 Wednesday, January 18, 2006

posted by : -> a day of life in earth <-
great to live one more day :)

the funny life.
funny is everywhere. lol
to be happy, cherish and understanding.

 Tuesday, January 17, 2006

posted by : -> extract windows movie maker from i386 :p <-
to extract windows movie maker from the i386 folder, we just need the following batch file :p

expand moviemk.ex_ d:\mm\moviemk.exe
expand wmmutil.dl_ d:\mm\wmmutil.dll
expand wmmfilt.dl_ d:\mm\wmmfilt.dll
expand wmmres.dl_ d:\mm\wmmres.dll

and start the fun with movie maker

if you are using the sp2 windows xp, you would get the 2.1 version ;p

 Monday, January 16, 2006

posted by : -> felt not so well <-
a little bit headache today :(

well, a friend in irc #dynasty room Drj offered me a php + mysql host :p. thanks to him. maybe soon i would switching this blogger blogging system to my own made system. lol :p

still felt not so well...
maybe i should take some rest now. c u

 Saturday, January 14, 2006

posted by : -> tired like ... today. <-
wow, i did a total cleaning work today on my room. the cleaning process took about four and half hours. i am so tired now ;* i moved some of the things in my room including this pc table. i felt quite hard to type with the new table setting, perhaps i would move it later to a more user friendly position.

i online just now to see if anybody downloading harun yahya torrents, well.. about 5 people are downloading now.

btw, i just visited bink.nu website and spot some freebies.
some technet magazine in chm format.

January • February 2006
TNMag0601.chm (1,734 KB)

November • December 2005
TNMag0511.chm (2,184 KB)

Spring 2005
TNMag0505.chm (1,245 KB)

Winter 2005
TNMag0501.chm (1,275 KB)

please visit this page http://bink.nu/Article5833.bink to get them free of charge.

oh... tired tired...

 Friday, January 13, 2006

posted by : -> friday the thirteenth <-
Like many human beliefs, the fear of Friday the 13th (known as paraskevidekatriaphobia) isn't exactly grounded in scientific logic. But the really strange thing is that most of the people who believe the day is unlucky offer no explanation at all, logical or illogical. As with most superstitions, people fear Friday the 13th for its own sake, without any need for background information.

posted by : -> a fix if task manager wasn't show in tray <-
if you didn't see task manager shows up in your tray icon like below image.

task manager in tray

you could use the reset task manager regedit script.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\TaskManager]

 Wednesday, January 11, 2006

posted by : -> love song (korea) ~ Success Story of a Bright Girl <-
lyrics for love song

Jo-goom-SSik Ha-na-ssik nae-ma-umul ga-jeu-ga eo-nu-sae nae-jeon-bool hun-du-leu beo-rin neo.
little by little, one by one, stealing my heart you already took me whole when I realized.

Han-beon-do eob-deon-ee-run-iel nae-gha oe-ie-rul-ka.
This kind of thing never happened to me. Oh What happened to me.

see-ghan-ie hulleo-do nae-ma-um-ie meon-jeo-gha.
In spite the time passes by, my heart goes to you.

eo-noo-sae nie-woo-soom nhan jie-kyeo-joo-go mha-nun-geol
I again guards your smile while I'm not realizing it.

Woo-soom-doi-ye soom-en neo-ei sool-poom-ie nha-wa dal-ma-seol-ka.
Is it because the sorrow behind your smiles are similar to mine?

DDeo-ol-lyu yak-hae-jill ddae-mha-dha neol jhab-ah-jool geu sha-rham-ie nha-ill-jie molla.
Please think of me. I could be the man who will hold you up when you go weak.

nae-gae-wa nhal byun-haa-gae hae-joon neol we-hae Love song Love song Love song.
Come to me. Love song love song love song to you who made me change.

mho-dun geol gha-nung-ha-gae haa-nun geu saa-raang-ie nae-gaen neo-nie-kha
Because you are the love who makes it all possible.

Gie-dha-ryu-jool-lae nae saa-raang-ie nie ahp-pae seo-nun nhal-kha-jie.
Will you please wait for me until my love stands in front of you.

Nhal meom-chool sha-rham-un eop-seot-seo.
There was nobody who could stop me.

Sae-shang-en nha hon-jaa-yeut-seut-seo
I was all alone in this world.

Mit-Jie Ahn-aht-eo Dut-jie ahn-aht-eo saa-raang-ie-lan geol. neol ahl-gie jeon-yen
I would't believe nor hear that so-called love before I came to know you.

mho-dun geol gha-nung-ha-gae haa-nun geu saa-raang-ie nae-gaen neo-nie-kha
Because you are the love who makes it all possible.

Gie-dha-ryu-jool-lae nae saa-raang-ie nie ahp-pae seo-nun nhal-kha-jie.
Will you please wait for me until my love stands in front of you.

won-ha-nun jeon-bool ghat-go-seep-eo. nae-yok-seem-ie neo-rul galla-nwa-do
I want to have all of you. Sometimes my greedy could hurt you.

gie-daryu-jool-lae nae-maum-iee nie-ahp-ae gha-nun nhal-gha-zee
But will you please wait for me until my true heart go in front of you.

woo-hoo-woooo la-hoooo loving loving la-hooo~~~~

ps. saa-raang=love nhal=me nha=I neo=you

low quality of this song, could be found here :
Love Song

 Tuesday, January 10, 2006

posted by : -> want VS need <-
well, human love to want a lot of things, but if we take a minute to think, what we really need.. well, we would find that most of the things we want we actually don't really need.

we spend most of the time to after the things we want, instead of what we really need. and we become greedy at the things we want and once we got them we become selfish and don't want to share with others.

funny people. but most human like this :) perhaps this is one of our test that we need to learn how to pass through.

just hope someday, we ~ human, could change this world into paradise,
no war, no lack of food, no worries, peace everywhere,
a world without and beyond money.

 Monday, January 09, 2006

posted by : -> where would this world turns <-
selfish human
imagine a selfish guy who pretend to be good by giving away the things he doesn't need or doesn't like. but whenever he saw a nice stuffs, he immediately grabs it away. ~ faint

this kinda human is almost everywhere. human don't care anymore for others, even if they care, they would put themself in priority first before they consider others. what is the point if someday if they could enter the paradise but they are still so selfish? so the point is, if we can't turn this world into paradise in our lifetime, then there would be no point even if later we could enter the paradise.

well human is not perfect, but human need to improve themselves from day to day, so that in our last breath in this life, we would satisfy with what we had done during the lifetime in this world.

now everybody just want to take but don't want to give. well, no problem if they just take one, but they want to take all. they are so greedy.

people start killing because of jealous, selfish and greedy. all the big sins start from this tiny look negative behaviours. human just repeat the history until one day we could make a break through and by then we all would enter a different life. a life like paradise.

of course, some human is so stubborn, they only feel the pain when they got hit. they only change when they know and they are force to change. they only realize when they know there is no turning back.

lol @ this world
just hope everybody lucky and start to realize.
this is all but mere illusion.

 Saturday, January 07, 2006

posted by : -> sane and insane <-
some human is sane, some insane, some half sane half insane.
some human is smart, some stupid, some half smart half stupid.

so, almost every kinda of things could be divided into 3.
know, don't know, half know and half don't know.

this concept have its similiarity with the ying & yang.

 Thursday, January 05, 2006

posted by : -> sleepsleep ranked first in google search :) <-
i guess the google bot is smart again :p (maybe it went back to its programmer and learn something coz i complaint i should be ranked first in my blog :p) who knows.

today, as usual, i typed sleepsleep in google search to see in which place would my blog http://sleep.50webs.com be located. and to my surprise... google ranked me first, yes, they ranked me first for the query string sleepsleep.

google ranked sleepsleep first.

so i guess the bot is smart to differentiate the word "sleep" and "sleepsleep". hopefully google would rank me like this through out the years :)

maybe i could start doing some promotion on how to sleep nicely, (actually i could share the method of sleeping, if you got sleeping problem, leave me a comment and i would share my tips with you).

posted by : -> 2 new torrent today, hopefully <-
today, i would released 2 more torrent of harun yahya works. they are the world of ice and names of Allah. hopefully everybody would enjoy them :)

 Monday, January 02, 2006

posted by : -> 2 new harun yahya works (torrent) released today <-
hi, i just released 2 new harun yahya works (torrent), they are Signs of the Last Day and The Truth of the life of this World. hopefully those who are interested and lucky would download and watch these excellent movies made by harun yahya.

you could get the torrent from here http://sleep.50webs.com/islam/. good luck!!

posted by : -> play uno in irc channel! <-
hi, in case you have no idea wat is uno, please check here, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNO_(game).

i play this game in irc://irc.dynastynet.net:6667/cubs, in case you are interested to play, you could just join the channel and register your nick.

i show you some of the irc uno game screenshots.

irc uno play scene

cards showing window

the command to play this game is not so hard, easy.

pl = play
!uno = start uno
jooin = join uno game
pl g5 = play card green 5
pl rr = play red reverse
pl wdf = play wild draw four :p yummy
cd = show current playing card
cards = show current player's cards
!stop = stop uno game
count = list the number of card every player hold

and so on ...

 Sunday, January 01, 2006

posted by : -> happy new year ~ it is 2006 here <-
i just create a page dedicated to spread harun yahya video works using bit torrent technology. try http://sleep.50webs.com/islam/

i hope soon, i could dedicate my full asdl broadband bandwitdh to serve muslim works, hopefully.

i would update those torrents from time to time, i am searching for better public tracker. haven't found a muslim bt tracker yet.. perhaps.. should start one.



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