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 Tuesday, February 28, 2006

posted by : -> world war 3 <-
just check the news. taiwan seems like wanna go against china. this might be the sparks that raise up ww3 later.

some major players in ww3,
1. china
2. us
3. taiwan
4. uae
5. india
6. pakistan
7. russia
8. japan
9. singapore
10. australia
11. (eu) i doubt they could or got power to do anything.
12. israel <- hidden player

maybe nobody like war, but the problem is, history is like sea wave, human never have peace forever, war would strucks (definately) when the time come.

maybe china would join with russia to fight all (my speculation) they would use nuclear bomb and by the time ww3 finish.. well

only 1/7 human population would remain on earth
they would start a new life, pledge for peace and rebuild civilization.
they would enjoy the peace until a moron become leader and reloop the history.

posted by : -> mental illness <-
what is mental illness. i would consider one as mentally ill-ed person when :

1. he does something without a purpose
2. he realized he doesn't know what he is doing
3. he is so much angry that his anger takes over his logical thinking mind
4. he doesn't care for others and he doesn't care how you feel.
5. he is so stuborn till the state that he couldn't accept any advice or to reply the advice with logical reason.
6. he is easily agitated. low eq.

from religious perspective:
i would dare to say, for those who believe there is no God, they could be considered, mentally ill-ed person.

 Monday, February 27, 2006

posted by : -> this is how the society works <-
thanks to internet, nowadays, people could voice their opinions more easily but the current problem is, those "leaders" don't care about your opinions.

maybe some thousands people voice about "recycling". but u c, who cares. those rulers don't care, ur country parliament don't care, nobody care. everybody is waiting for something "big" to pop up and only then they would get panic and start doing something.

create awareness is stupid. coz people don't buy this.

we can't hope others "those stupid gov" to do what you think is best for society. best way is to bring out your money and diy.

human = selfish, greedy and much more.

why those saints go out and live aloof, coz they would get infected and affected if they stay too near with human. people are too busy fulfilling their desire, nobody care about what is life. so.. what to do. let it be.

maybe those people who perform car bombing should realised. "kill wouldn't solve". people don't want others to have something, so they bomb it. basically , it is just a selfish act. no patient, no eq.

thumbs up, the society gone crazy already. oh yeah ...
lets wait for the H5N1 to come and format this world.

 Thursday, February 23, 2006

posted by : -> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! predictions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <-
my prediction in the coming 10 years. (2016)

1. windows vista would not gain any remarkable success.
2. a new (wearable) hand-held PC (not laptop) would replace the current common using desktop pc.
3. software design would change into mouseless. mouse would not exists / required in future software.
4. new type of keyboard would be designed. gloves keyboard. you wear a glove and your fingers movement activities would output characters.
5. no more depencency on oil. new source (cheap and freely available) energy would be found soon.
6. internet would be break up to several portion. each country would manage their own internet. some countries would block access out and in.
7. weird technology would get invented, people would find it is impossible why such technology could exists.
8. information available in finger tips.
9. new machine would be created and it seems like everybody is inventor.

1. only the courageous would travel, most human would stay at home. plan their own food.
2. people refrain from chatting in real life, they tend to do it virtually using technology.
3. people spend more time on reading and praying. entertainment would fade away.
4. people stop sending their kids to school.

1. many people would die.
2. those who live, could reach hundreds in age.
3. less people would get sick easily (after the 1 event)

posted by : -> some good links <-
free unix shell account

free openbsd shell forum

openbsd handout

flat assembler forum link

it is all about propaganda. don't believe what you see!!!!

 Wednesday, February 22, 2006

posted by : -> mail in openbsd <-
i never knew it is so easy to mail in openbsd

# mail somebody@somewhere.com <- enter
Subject : type ur subject here <- enter
type your message
. <- put a dot after you finish or Ctrl + d to put EOT
then you are done, your mail would get send.
btw, i haven't got any idea (how should we know that a mail is send out or not)

to get a list of command available, key in "?" usually in &

 Monday, February 20, 2006

posted by : -> how to use computer? <-
i still find it quite hard to use computer, to sit at a place for several hours.
i can't concentrate to do something when my body feel distracted all the time :(

hate to move the right hand to the mouse then back to they keyboard :( perhaps i need to memorize all the short-cuts.

 Sunday, February 19, 2006

posted by : -> WM_SIZE <-
well, if your program resize logic code is put in WM_SIZE event, and you might want to call the event (let say, if user hide a control, you want to reresize all controls in your window) you might want to execute the logic code inside WM_SIZE.

well, at first, i thought of using MoveWindow with paint set to true. but the problem of this function is, if the new window height and width you specified (are the same ) as the cached or that window current height and widht value, then WM_SIZE wouldn't be called.

so, after a chat in #C++ room in dynastynet, C-Man suggest to call the WM_SIZE directly, so, i thought i would have a problem to find the lparam value, since i want to call it manually, i need to supply that value for WM_SIZE so that controls resize correctly.

after a check in psdk, GetClientRect solved that problem, (i use GetWindowRect at first - lol)
shl height,16
or width,height
and then supply that value as lparam solved the problem.

 Saturday, February 18, 2006

posted by : -> openbsd - learn - I <-
thanks to hacki and Slacco in irc://irc.nuub.net:6667/openbsd , they help me to achieve my goal

i share it here, maybe someone who is "new" like me would benefit from it.

1. i set the httpd_flags="-u" in /conf/rc.conf.local

2. open the /var/www/conf/httpd.conf
i change the UserDir to /home/*/www
which means, when a person try to access http://localhost/~sleepsleep/*.* , httpd would published the content of /home/sleepsleep/www/*.*

3. i set my DocumentRoot to "/home/www" , so when people try to access http://localhost/*.* it would be /home/www/*.*

thats all i learned today.

and i just knew that
http://www.boinc.ch/~sleepsleep is equal to http://users.boinc.ch/sleepsleep

 Friday, February 17, 2006

posted by : -> rule or get rulez <-
world functions using this rule. either you rule or you get ruled.

the world seems like calling you when you want to leave it. if you leave it, you would get ruled, maybe the best way to live is to isolate yourself from others and live at your own.

to prevent someone make you angry and to prevent you make someone else angry.

some human are sensitive, some aren't. they just don't care about how you feel and they just do whatever they desired.

maybe the H5N1 would come and kill all human. like disk formating. clean the world.

 Thursday, February 16, 2006

posted by : -> yeah, openbsd <-
i downloaded the openbsd from torrent last night because i plan to play with it in vmware 5 box. With the helps from some great guys in #openbsd channel located in freenode server and i accomplished my task successfully.

the vmware pc config is like below:
64 mb ram
1 Gb hard disk IDE
1 cdrom
1 network card running NAT

here i described the step by step (sort of) to install openbsd in vmware
1. get the required files (the obsd i386 files) if you are in other type of machine than i386, then you choose your machine architecture respectively. You could get them from here http://www.openbsd.org/ftp.html#http or here (torrent based) http://openbsd.somedomain.net/index.php?arch=i386.

2. Next step is to make an ISO from the files you just downloaded. You need to get this utility (lite and handy) mkisofs, you could get it from here http://users.boinc.ch/sleepsleep/stuffs/mkisofs.zip

3. Run the mkisofs with the following command. (assume you save your downloaded openbsd files into d:\obsd.

mkisofs -v -r -T -J -V "openbsd" -b 2.8/i386/cdrom38.fs -c boot.catalog -o d:\obsd.iso d:/obsd

you need to beware that if the program notice you about missing and couldn't found the boot file "cdrom38.fs", then you just make sure the path you specified in -b is relative to d:/obsd

4. once you got the ISO created, set the vmware to boot from cdrom and choose "i" for install, set the hard disk and partition.

/ 150 mb
swap 300 mb
/tmp 120 mb
/var 60 mb
/usr 900 mb
/home 500 (the rest)

if you got more hard disk space, just set more on the /usr

5. once completed, write it, you would get below
Mount point for wd0d (size=122976k)? (or 'none' or 'done')
type /tmp (instead of Enter) untill you see your partitions are labeled like below
Mount point for wd0d (size=122976k)? (or 'none' or 'done') [/tmp]
if you see all your partitions are recognized ( [/urpartition] ) then type "done"

6. set the system hostname and configure the network.

7. since i shut off the vmware dhcp services, so i put the following. you could get the below information by running the vmnetcfg.exe from the vmware directory.
ip =
mask =
gateway =
dns =

8. type your password for the obsd system (twice)

9. when asked about choose the installation media, make sure it is "cd"

[X] bsd
[X] bsd.rd
[ ] bsd.mp
[X] base38.tgz
[X] etc38.tgz
[X] misc38.tgz
[X] comp38.tgz
[X] man38.tgz
[X] game38.tgz

since i am new, so i decided to play only the shell first, if later i am more advance, i play the x server :)

10. once completed , type "halt" wait for a while then press a key to reboot the system.

 Wednesday, February 15, 2006

posted by : -> language ~ english weird? <-
my english x0x, i know that. yesterday some guys "chrise" and "psychidkid?" teached me this weird language in irc #dynasty channel.

i found that english is not so logic (at least to me). i don't know when to use past, present and future tense.

1. i played guitar.
2. i play guitar.
3. i am playing guitar.

so, the first one mean (i sometime, not present or now, had played the guitar), the second one, (mean i [always?] play guitar?) and the third one mean, right now, i am playing guitar?

seems a little bit clear to me now, thanks to them :)

i need to identify what problem(s) i have with english so that i (can)could cure them one by one :p

 Tuesday, February 14, 2006

posted by : -> real fact of life <-
it is funny to see why man like women.
it seems that the only difference between man and women are:

different physical
different in voice

what so special about women that keep man likes them?
is that the shape of their body? the funniest thing is why men get excited on that shape? there is a combination factor that makes men like women.

could human be alone in their whole life. perhaps human could.

 Monday, February 13, 2006

posted by : -> tomorrow is valentine <-
tomorrow is probably the most special day for lovers!.
so, let us see what you could "try" to do tomorrow:

1. if you are still single, and you got someone you like in your mind, you could use tomorrow to date her out, maybe having a dinner and ask her to be your girlfriend.

2. if you had married already, you could prepare a dinner or lunch or perhaps breakfast, and eat with him/her together.

3. you two could go for a jog (if time permits) and probably go for a picnic in somewhere with nice scenery.

4. if you are single and want to remain single, maybe you could sleep at home tomorrow. and "plez" :/ don't go out.

5. if you just break-up, maybe tomorrow is a good day for you to ask him/her if he/she wants to accept you back. *try ask him/her to a place you two went before and recap back some old memories.

6. if you really hate valentine and don't want to celebrate it, you could take a plane to skip this day by going to tomorrow or yesterday. (depend on location and airport availability).

and if you want to know more about what so special about this day, you could visit this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentine's_Day.

 Sunday, February 12, 2006

posted by : -> i had a dream <-
i had a dream about jungle. weird.
i saw about 3 to 4 statues in front of sort of small house, like the tomb of Isa a.s. so i walk in, btw, the house was white in colored. and the statues weared full helm (purple color on the top of the helm).

once i walked in (i didn't enter the small house), there seems a path, small path leading into the jungle, but the paths were like separated into 3 lines. so i choosed the left one first, after some walk, i came into a stone (like a switching point), then i choose the right one and continue walking, then i came into another stone (which works like switching point) and i choose the center.

i came into an end and saw a huge hole on ground. there are lots of trees on that hole, but in front of me is a tree which the leaves grow like a step case. getting smaller and smaller to the top leaves. when you look from far, it is like a road to heaven and the clouds colored like morning (before the sun rises). *quite beatifull.

take some time to imagine all these :~

posted by : -> run putty.exe on my pc. <-
well, i just downloaded putty.exe to my pc, wanna run it to connect *securely* to a server. but hey, i am not using windows xp SP2. so i got the so called

The application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

when i double click on it. Since google is one of my "best friend", so i google on the internet and found this http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/wishlist/xp-wont-run.html

follow the recomended step in above site solved the problem. Alternatively, you could get these manifest files in this zip here. http://filehost.mychost.com/d.file?get=74716576572322

now, i got a executable putty, we do connection to secure server then.
yeah, filling the username and password and i go into an openbsd shell.

and so on ...

 Friday, February 10, 2006

posted by : -> opinion is no use if nobody listen. part I <-
words are useless when they don't have meaning.
words are useless when they don't result in action.
words are from your desire, your intention.
words are just a connector, formed from desire, distribute to crowds.
words are nothing but a connector. lol :~

when people ignore your words
they ignore your opinion, they ignore what you think, they ignore you and your existance. so you have no way, but using violence to make them know they need to listen to you.
the problem is, why you so much want others to listen to you?


time travel?
time is real and time is a unit to measure long in terms of time.
to be able to go back to yesterday means, able to go to tomorrow.

the funny is tomorrow is "empty" if you are here today. millions of people need to make millions of choices and the effect of those choices resulted tomorrow.

to be able to go into future means you somehow able to know exactly, which fish in the ocean would swim to, which drop of rains would hit the mountain grass and so on which are impossible.

ya. somebody claimed they are from the future and they come to current day to reveal what would happen in the future. only those who know death know the future.


 Wednesday, February 08, 2006

posted by : -> i don't understand, why <-
people are hot about the danish cartoon now.

why i don't understand, if they couldn't tolerate the danish cartoon, how could they tolerate with people who are named with prophets' name but they go out stealing, robbing, and ect illegal activities?

because those people disgrace the religion more than the danish cartoon.

people only see others people faults nowadays but they never want to look at themselves anymore.

most muslim claimed themselves as muslim, but their action... emmm.. sort of incompatible with their claim.

what to do... lol... everybody think they are all correct.

 Tuesday, February 07, 2006

posted by : -> wolf's rain <-
i am following this japan anime currently. for more information about this anime, try click here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolf's_Rain

the story is quite nice and the theme song is nice too!
wolf's rain screenshot

you could ponder a lot when watching anime like this, which got paradise, wolfs, human, machine and evil or scary looking mask. ( * maybe i could make mine one of those mask!!) the color looks so... i mean.. like a snake.

life goes on and DrJ is helping me to add my site xml feeds into his DLee brain :p so next time when you are in dynastynet #chicagocubs channel, just type $news sleepsleep and you would see my site feeds :p.



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