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 Friday, March 31, 2006

posted by : -> malaysia streamyx is BAD, bad, bad <-
i wasn't able to online for the past 2 days.
the main culprit is my isp. i called for the local TM center and the funny thing is, they weren't able to connect online too!... imagine how could they work without online connection??? like checking bill, checking customer info, and so on.???

i am sick with my isp, but u c, they are the only main provider in my area. :(
and they are frequently doing promotion to gets more subsribers??? funny is, they couldn't cope with current subsribers but dare to invite more to join???

perhaps somebody should really get some lawyers and sue them..
there are no justice here.

the 1300-88-9515 (need to wait for 20 minutes or more for them to pick up the call) is a useless toll-free center. they just ask u to do the bla bla bla and obviously they treated as, it is our own fault if we couldn't online.

but obviously most of the time, it is their faults.

just hope their service could gets better.

 Wednesday, March 29, 2006

posted by : -> Intel Pushes Interchangeable Notebook Components <-
imho, this not gonna works :o
the future home pc would be a central server with a slim sort of "touchscreen?" lcd panel (with a small speaker or a sound input channel). the panel would communicate wirelessly with the central server and user could use their computer from watever place/way inside their house.

you would be thinking, how the user gonna type abc right :p
no more keyboard is required :p a new way of text input method would get introduced. keyboard was an invention from the old days, and you want human continue to use it till year 2020??? lmao

everyone who want to use computer would buy a big mainframe, where they could upgrade RAM, processor, graphic card, hard disk, or wireless card from time to time.

posted by : -> nice way to get asm code <-
bcc32 -6 -k- -v- -G -S acfile.cpp

download the free borland compiler
install and set according the readme.txt

and after you do the above compilling, borland would generates a .asm code for you to check, (quite nice way to learn how the compiler does thing)

thanks to nickolay for providing me this trick!

 Tuesday, March 28, 2006

posted by : -> ms access ADODB simple query <-
Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset
Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset
rs.Filter = "cid='" & cid.Value & "'"
rs.Open "SELECT * FROM CUSTOMER", CurrentProject.AccessConnection, adOpenForwardOnly, adLockReadOnly, -1

Debug.Print rs.RecordCount

simple way to using filter (like SQL where cid='" & cid.Value & "')

posted by : -> windows vista? <-
maybe you already heard that win vista for consumer would ships maybe in january 2007, well, for those "who really like vista", this might be a bad news :(

beside the glassy effect in vista, prolly, dot net manageable code?... almost all you could get in win vista you could found in win xp.

off course, if you been follow my blog, you should know that i got my own ideas of how future OS would looks/behaves like.

1. [edited]

2. OS should behaves based on user mouse movement. (eg. when user move their mouse to form a let say "C" pattern, something "event" would get executed. (we could put a 200x200 px rect on sticked on user desktop for such idea)

3. users' files inside a database "maybe sqlite", so intead of user files scattered around the drive, so many folders and files. and hard to remember where you put it last time, all users file would be in database, viewable like eg. using database viewer.

4. a superb system of navigation (i already got an idea) no more "START" menu!!

5. and more...

 Monday, March 27, 2006

posted by : -> a nice links <-
i found this site "POWER BASIC" featured a nice set of link.


it got a list of RFC files.

perhaps u could download them into ur hard disk.

 Saturday, March 25, 2006

posted by : -> no page preview <-
while, if you like me, nlite"d" your windows xp or 2000, you probably remove all the "driver" so that driver.cab could becomes smaller size like 6mb.

the problem now is, what if you need to page preview or print preview functionality?
well, you don't have to reformat your drive and reinstall the un nlite"d" windows copies, you could just download a canon printer driver from canon website.

i choosed i255 printer driver for windows xp, now the print preview is working back.

i need to enabled back print preview coz i need to update a friend ms access project.

 Friday, March 24, 2006

posted by : -> my country resources. not used by its citizen <-
my country got oil, natural gas, forest, land, water.

but mostly wasn't use on the benefits of its citizen,
government took them and give grants to company.

actually, i don't think my country willig to accept chinese as their citizen.
they think we all from china and they own this land.

many stupid thing happends everyday and nobody seems wanna stand up and complaint.

the police in my coutnry "SU*KS" so so much

well, take a time and ponder,
maybe everywhere in this world are sucks also.
crazy bush in US, greedy king in everywhere.

yeah, lets us hope H5N1 comes and format all this,

 Thursday, March 23, 2006

posted by : -> meditate Cross-legged posture <-
what is the last time you meditate?
and how many hours could you sit there and enjoy?

he he, if you don't know about meditate, maybe you could even sit on there for about 15 minutes. but if you know the key to meditate, you probably could just sit there without talking and enjoying the whole day.

so what is meditate?
it is all about seeking balance. and if you found the balance, you could fly.. yeah, u could fly.

sounds weird right, while, if you haven't did any meditation before, you could try, it is easy and perhaps.. before you sit, you need to make sure what you want. what you want to achieve.

so good luck..

 Wednesday, March 22, 2006

posted by : -> switching host. <-
maybe it is time for me to change the blog host, (don't get the wrong idea, 50webs.com is a nice free host), but i guess, it would be more fun if i could remote pc to a server and manage my blog host :) sounds cool right!!

i would be switching to another host soon, probably http://sleep.vpndns.com

 Tuesday, March 21, 2006

posted by : -> shame on politic <-
there are lot of shameful event/things happenedn in politic everyday.

most leaders are so selfish and they usually did something just due to the benefits of their own interest.

who cares for people? who, nobody,
i guess everybody haven't realize the deadly H5N1 would comes soon.

well, let the politicians go and busy with their agendas.
H5N1 would comes and create a new world order.

 Monday, March 20, 2006

posted by : -> chat log about my isp tmnet ~ streamyx (the monopoly business protected by gov) <-
08:51 Joining chat room...
Started talking in bcx on Monday 03/20/2006 08:51:31 AM
sleepx2 yo yo yo
Dr_X yo yo yo
sleepx2 u guys woudlnt' believe this
Dr_X yes we would
sleepx2 this is a miracles
John I dont't
sleepx2 i just all the my local isp center
Dr_X mirical is your isp working again.
sleepx2 they said, they don't know the problem and ask me to come to their center. wtf
John Time to be arrested
sleepx2 so, i said ok ... well , then i go and change my clothes
Dr_X dont do it. they have agents waiting for you there.
Dr_X lol
sleepx2 and i need to get the motorbike key..(i don't know where my dad put it)
sleepx2 so i plan to call his handphone
sleepx2 the first try, i got an engage
sleepx2 i put the phone downs
sleepx2 then the phone rings
sleepx2 i guess maybe my father calls me back
sleepx2 the moment i pick up the phone
Dr_X thinks : the suspense is killing me
sleepx2 somebody ask me about how is my internet
Dr_X lol
sleepx2 so.. i tell him, it sucks and coudlnt' use for 6 days already
sleepx2 i said i could only upload but no download
sleepx2 then the guy said, his is the techincian from another "state" (more bigger)
Dr_X oh they brought out the big guns.
sleepx2 i felt happy, coz i could fire my anger to those technicians now
Dr_X lol
sleepx2 i ask them ...w tf, don't u know 6 days no internet?
sleepx2 they said their cable is different from my cables... wtf
sleepx2 well, they said i am on optic cable (sounds nice)
Dr_X yeah, would be great if it worked. lol
sleepx2 and they couldn't manage that, and they would call the KL to fix it
sleepx2 KL is the main city in my country
Dr_X the KL ?
sleepx2 kuala lumpur
Dr_X k
Dr_X ok, so KGB had to call the KL. i get it.
sleepx2 so, they ask me to wait till afternoonn and i would have my internet back
Dr_X really? cool!
sleepx2 and they give me one number.. 04-4322971
sleepx2 techinican number
sleepx2 next time.. i would just call this number straight away
Dr_X his hand phone?
Dr_X lol
John They will be calling you to find out how to fix it next time!
sleepx2 no more 1300 uselss help center
Dr_X so is it now fixed?
Dr_X or are you still waiting for afternoon?
sleepx2 not yet, i give them till afternonn, i
Dr_X ok
sleepx2 hope everything would be fine...
sleepx2 otherwise i know where to vent my anger on
Dr_X tell them to just bring the optic cable into your house and plug it in the back of your pc.
sleepx2 lol
sleepx2 yeah, i should suggest that
Dr_X and to issue you 256 ip addresses.
sleepx2 lucikly they call me before i call them
Dr_X really.
sleepx2 otherwise, i would hit them with my steel armour
Dr_X now you'll be praying for a week for fogivness, you know that don't you?
Dr_X lol
sleepx2 just hope afternoon would put my itnernet in a nice state

 Friday, March 17, 2006

posted by : -> some network notes <-
socket is a unix file descriptor and we use send() and recv() to communicate with the socket.

two types of socket is SOCK_STREAM (TCP/IP) and SOCK_DGRAM (UDP)

ACK acknowledged packet is a replying "i got it packet"

data encapsulation.
ethernet <- ip <- udp <- tftp <- data

layered network model

. application - telnet, ftp

** . presentation

** . session

** . transport

** . network

** . data link

. physical - hardware, serial, ethernet

**host byte order and network byte order

a struct sockaddr is a structure to holds socket address information.
struct sockaddr {
unsigned short sa_family;
char sa_data[14];

struct sockaddr_in {
short sin_family;
u_short sin_port;
struct in_addr sin_addr;
char sin_zero[8];
sockaddr_in is a parallel structure designed to hold internet socket address information.

sockaddr content is and must be in "network byte order"

short = 2 bytes
long = 4 bytes

htons() = hsot to network short
ntohs() = network to host short

inet_addr(""); function return ulong in network byte order already.

inet_aton() = ascii to network is same as inet_addr above

inet_ntoa() is doing reverse

print inet_ntoa(ina1.sin_addr)

bind is to set a socket into listen mode on specific port

when recv() return 0, that means, user closed their connection already

 Thursday, March 16, 2006

posted by : -> the cons of current browsing way? <-
1. graphic overload
too much graphic/flash adverstisement
waste bandwidth for trasnfering something that users wouldn't want to

or read.

2. design overload
too much design, some are weird and awful, users have to tolerate

they want to access the data for that particular page.

3. browser breaks webpage
different browser, different output,
html designers have hard time to make a page that look
exactly what he/she wants for users.

4. HTML syntax is a bandwith suckeer
imagine a bulletin board, and how everytime a user visit a page, it has

to RE-download everything. maybe 60% of the download is spend on HTML

syntax and only 40% for real content. and obviously, it is a waste.

5. your ISP knows where you go today.
every connection to internet is naked. maybe you thought when you type

your password and it appeared ****, you are saved? nah.. a

GetWindowText of that textbox handle would reveal what is the password.

Every messenger text you send (which you thought only ur friend could

see them) is a foolish thought.

6. the biggest problem is you need to remember.
the biggest problem of current website is you need to remember where

their submit button is located, where is their delete mail button

located, inbox, link and so on.
you need to memorize the way of clicking in order to complete a task

you want. since there is no standardize.

eg. to google about sleepsleep,
first, starting up IE
2nd, type www.google.com or get it from bookmark
3rd, type sleepsleep on the google search textbox
4th, you press enter or move the mouse to click the [search] button
5th, you got a list of result and you move the mouse to click on the

first on, maybe you right click on the link and select open in new

6th, u come to my blogpage (task completed)

imagine so many steps u need to perform in order to get into my blog.

what in my idea is, i got a solution for all this trouble and cons.

 Wednesday, March 15, 2006

posted by : -> ok, thumbs down to streamyx <-
i hate when the internet connection goes down.

it happened on yesterday morning, and i waited patiently, who knows, maybe this is just a

little bit testing they wanna do. so i waited and waited till 3 pm and i really get sick.

all websites were inaccessible and i only get the page "title" without any content.

i said. s*** this time, so i call them, 1300-88-9515 and the first thing i heard was the

auto replier, it sounds , "if you experience problem with your internet connection, please

make sure you pay all your bills"

so i press 1 and press 1 again and got another message.
if you experience slow connection, there is something problem with their... and they are

repairing. so..

so i ask the techician, whom ... it seems like she "zee" is reading script, plez check ur

bla bla bla and make sure bla bla bla. if it still couldn't, then call again.

so, i did as what she told and call them back and said, i did bla bla bla already and still

... couldn't surf any website. so the guy now, "faiz" said, ok, wat modem r u using, wat os

and so on and plez wait about 2 minutes, i would give u a report number.

and i get my report number 1117937 and .. ok... he asked me to wait for 24 to 48 hours... wt

so long??

so, luckily, i got a friend in US, so i ask his permission to do remote desktop to his vpc

and see if i could surf the net or checking emails.

it seems that i could, but i need to disabled image, otherwise the vpc would hang. and the

speed is sucks like a few bytes per second. 30 minutes connection get about 500kb.... i

mean, slower than normal dial-up.

ok, i read the news, obviously something is wrong, but the help center denied them and said

no problem reported affected in my area... which he/she lied. or he/she so ignorant?

so, i need to wait till friday, and hopefully, is, this week friday, not next week friday.

i blog this from my pc and post it from vpc.

 Monday, March 13, 2006

posted by : -> human and death <-
i saw lot of crazy human from news, yeah, they are crazy, no doubt.
i guess everybody has no idea what is goin on.

one thing that is certainly would happen is die.
we all would die somehow someday.

now, yesterday, after i woke up, i asked myself, why human die.

and i found a quite new answer after some thought.

we die because we are too shocked and our brain forget to send a signals to the heart to breath, basically, we forget to breath, thats why we die.

i wonder if you all ever fainted? if you ever faint, i guess you could remember a bit the process of faint. suddenly you feel a bit different, it seems like you are entering a different world and you put all the concentration there to understand what is going on.

you could go through the faint process if you could aware that you are going to sleep. but really need lot of concentration in order to experience that.

 Sunday, March 12, 2006

posted by : -> avatar, the last airbender <-
i like this anime,
really nice, the drawing are nice so as the story.

avatar - the last airbender

read more on wikipedia,

 Saturday, March 11, 2006

posted by : -> petrol price in malaysia <-
petrol price was incread in my country.
many people angry

but why angry? because petrol price increase, you need to pay more in order to use petrol, or, you think you shouldn't pay more for petrol?

how bout free petrol so that everyone happy?... stupid.
sometime i am quite sick with the most human mentality.
(i am aware i am stupid (not idiot!!), but i see people more stupid than me) so i sigh...

eg. some show on tv. talk about politic, debate about politic. and so on...
the question is. most people don't have 'sincerity"

a good teacher is a teacher who willing to educate pupils, EVEN if he/she wouldn't get any salary.

a good learder is a leader who willing to sleep, live in a small hunt even if people built him a golden palace.

where we could find a good human nowadays? people talk about "return" for everything they did. if they didn't ask about "return", maybe it is a small favour.

i don't know if this world would change. maybe, but would take who knows.. how many years.

 Friday, March 10, 2006

posted by : -> what m$ would do to make windows vista a success <-
here are the strategies ms$ might would do.
1. the 1st week before official vista would sell on store, ms would announce that they found several vulnerabilities in current windows os, (w2k, wxp, w9x). the vulnerabilities could be like windows media, IE or office. and they make big marketing for that vulnerabilities.

2. do big marketing to make you belive, vista is more secure compare to current os.

3. put some vista os on sell in ebay, and ms person would bid it and make it priced higher. and google would helps by creating some news based on ebay.

4. suddenly, big worm would comes and hit winxp based pc.

5. some popular stats site would show that, winxp stats drops down and vista goes up. ie7 goes up as well. and slashdot would makes some news :)

6. third-party company (bussiness soft or game maker) would released some application that only could run under win vista.

mr. bill wish the vista would sell like win95 :) i guess those people who works under bill would do anything they could, include giving money to relatives to go and que to buy vista as long as to make mr.bill happy.


!! people want cheap and free stuffs. so if i give u a ticket and tell u it could get u vista for 40% discount, would u get vista then...??? lol i guess, most who got enough food to eat guys would rush and que :p

posted by : -> repeat repeat and repeat <-
repeat repeat and repeat
this is what every human did daily before we face death.

sometime human can't even forgive a cat that steal a fish, yet God forgives and still give stuffs to human even when they sin. well. maybe we should try to forgive more.

 Thursday, March 09, 2006

posted by : -> is what you see important? <-
is what you see important? or what you did after you see more important?

the more we see, the more test we would get. same as the more you know, the more you know you don't know.

thinking. so weird, but we use it all the time, either aware or not aware.

weird, everything seems weird but why nobody notice :)
we accept lots of fact which if you take some time and ponder, they are all weirds.

eg. why we got five fingers, not six or three or more. why. why 5 only, why we are designed like this? 2 eyes, 1 mouth, 2 ears, 1 neck, 1 body, 2 legs, all the numbers are weird. (if u don't find it weird, that is because you accept that already)

why human need to shit, pee? eat, drink? why we born and why we get old and die. of course, if God or any power you believe did this without a purpose, they are all stupid. the point is, God created us with purpose. and funny is angels know we human are going to create havoc on earth even when we are not yet created.

since they believe and obey God so they accept us, because God said God knows more compare to what those angles know.

we all waiting for luck. maybe that is the end of story

 Tuesday, March 07, 2006

posted by : -> runescape & total annihilation <-
one of the game that i played is "runescape", i am got level 55 in fishing and 4+ in mining. what the fun of mmrpg is, you really get the adrenalin jumps up when you are in the wilderness and trying to kill some other character. you would get that feeling when you put your best armour and some food and go wilderness.

especially when ur character is about to finish other character or be finished by it. the bad part of this game is, you need to spend time to upgrading your character's level. which could took months to years.

the temptation to upgrade your character is they make you only could enter a specific guild or place only after you reach a certain level. or you could only create new and better armour after you are in specific level.

so if you dislike to spend ur time upgrading character or so... maybe it is better to play strategy game like total annihilation :) where you create factory, product armies and fight :) build solar reactor or nuclear. i used to play this game, the graphic is nice so as sound.

if you want this game, you just need to google around the internet to have it :)

 Sunday, March 05, 2006

posted by : -> stop wasting <-
what is waste? why waste exists.
why wasting is a bad behaviour?

an example would be the way you spend money when you got 1000 compare to the way you spend it when you only have 50.

people tend to spend and use something lavishly when they have more.
imagine there are so much leftover food on table, but still got people die of hungry out there.

 Saturday, March 04, 2006

posted by : -> transport tycoon delux ~ chris sawyer <-
one of the best strategy game that i played when i was age 15. transport tycoon deluxe. this game is developed by chris sawyer, chris sawyer website

you could get bunch of info regarding this excellent game here http://ttforums.owenrudge.net/viewtopic.php?t=3407

i never play the roaler coaster tycoon (another game developed by chris sawyer), maybe someday in future, i would try it.

hopefully someday chris would re-develope his transport tycoon using 3d based engine. that would be really nice.

posted by : -> life illusion <-
the goal of life is to die once.
human by nature love kindness, during the grow up process, parent and society shapes our way of thinking based on "that particular time" society behaviour. once human reach the age of mature, they start to be able to think, but their thinking is "based" on what they experience from child till teen, and unless they could get through that "implanted perception" about life, otherwise, they would just continue the life and that transfer the perception to the next generation.

life is a mission, to prove that the mind (the thinking power) is actually greater and able to control the desire. what is real, nothing is real, if all is illusion, why we are so easily to attach to that illusion.

it is about to become the best human, in term of knowledge, behaviour, talk, leader, care for others, and ... etc good attributes.

at least we feel satisfy during the last breath on this world and at least we try so hard to improve ourself, to submit ourself to the Almighty God during the lifetime God gives us in this world.

of course easier said than done. but that is life, human wouldn't learn cherished if they got something too easily. (try imagine the way u use water, compare to the way those african use water)
would you feel happy if i announce u as champion for 4000m free style swim even before you start to swim and compete with others?

i mean, the Creator knows much more (all) than we know ourself, thats why 'life' exists for us.

i made some pictures to show whats in my thought.

 Friday, March 03, 2006

posted by : -> norton ghost <-
ghost.. wat, why a software named as ghost :p
you could read more about it here, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norton_Ghost

basically, it is a disk cloning software. yeah, nice for back up all your hd stuffs, and then you play with some virus, then you could revert back to before you got hit by virus.

 Thursday, March 02, 2006

posted by : -> time travel, rethink. <-
is that possible?
since everything (include nothing) are in the control of God, so as future and past, or multiple future and past.

would God make us human exists in "single" only?
all prophets preach for one God, so would God put such a "glorious" attribute "single" onto human?

if you check the names of God,
http://www.themodernreligion.com/basic/islam_99_names.htm those are attributes of God which mean, no human could share those "the most" attributes because God owns them.

:p need more thinking job.

 Wednesday, March 01, 2006

posted by : -> vmware <-
i don't know if u guys ever heard of vmware, vmware is a great "software" that emulate a or multiple pc. it rocks because you could do the more dangerous stuffs, like testing new application, testing virus, and etc on a different box than the box you use daily.

it makes you could have more than one pc and basically it enriches your experience as a user of multiple operating systems.

the point that i couldn't understand is, why the vmware guys let this "nice piece" of concept sits below the host os.

it would be better if vmware is created as a one level higher "os" after the BIOS. and all other commercial or open source "os" sit in level two. and application on level 3.

of course, if vmware wish to turns out like that, it need lot of supports from hardware companies to provide hardware driver so that vm os could easily use those hardwares. (which is what microsoft doing)

of course, easier said than done.

posted by : -> coders and computers <-
why we code, we code so that the program would follow our logic and solve a problem or yield a solution.

to code = to understand how our mind try to solve a problem.

i always hope this pc could understand how i think (well, a bit scary too if it knows all about myself :p)

we use computer language to talk with computers. basically, it is all binaries, 0 and 1. now we got asm, c, c++, and scripting languages php, perl, pythoon and so on.

i would say, the next level of programming language would be somehere logicaly fit the way our mind works (based on our learned & previous knowledge).

some of my thought (if i plan to code for an assembler, i would probably use something like below)

cmp eax,10
>= loc1
== loc2
!= loc3 (not equal)

eax = 5
[edx] = 20
eax + 5

but such approach would definately breaks all the current asm source. or what i would do maybe follow the current syntax but add new thingy inside :) this is a project that i always wish i could do (i put it in future project list)



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