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 Saturday, April 29, 2006

posted by : -> google VS yahoo search - free RM to MP3 convert <-
i just did a search on this sentence. "free convert rm to mp3"
if you do it in google, you wouldn't find a real free utility to convert a rm file into mp3 format.

but if you do it in yahoo!, you would find
Free RM to MP3 Converter - Freeware convert RM to MP3.
Freeware helps you convert RM files to MP3. ... What is Free RM to MP3 Converter. Free RM to MP3 Converter can convert Real Media files to MP3 files which can be played ...
www.rm-mp3.org - 7k - Cached - More from this site - Save

ranked first!!
and you would be directed to this page, http://www.jodix.com/ in the end.

i always thought Google is the best search engine, well, maybe in this world. but it seems like yahoo is more accurate when finding things.

using yahoo, i spend less than 2 minutes to get the tool i want, but with google, i need to spend around 10 to 20 minutes and without getting the tool i want!!

the moral of the story is, maybe i should use YahoO! more.

ps:you need to have real alternative or real one player, otherwise it would complain you need directx version 8.1.

some of the screenshots of this nice free utility.

 Friday, April 28, 2006

posted by : -> mental illness <-
i just read a little bit about mental illness/Schizophrenia on chinese wikipedia.

some of the symptons are :
- he would think like somebody want to harm him.
- think too low about his ownself, felt too guilty, felt some sickness on his ownself, felt too poor
- believe he is cleaver than most others
- felt some drastic change on his own physical body
- felt some one love him
- felt being controlled

one of the thing which i don't understand is, do they recognize themselves or they just recognize too much about themselves? do they have reason for why they got such feeling?

eg. when we saw a guy , let say, swinging his hands repeatedly for the 4 hours, we would think, this guy probably got some problem. the reason for us to felt so is because we don't know why he swings his hands, and our logical thinking tells us, there is no reason to swing hands there, so when he continuous swings his hands, we would felt maybe something wrong about this guy.

but reality could be, he knows why he swings his hands, but we don't know. and he doesn't want to tell us why he swings his hands. and maybe he felt we are different from him from the way we talk, think and socialize & etc.

and maybe we could say they are more superior than us, because they could felt something that we "normal" person couldn't feel! and maybe he thinks like us too, he doesn't know how we feel same as we don't know how he feels!

or maybe we all just differ in the ranking for importance of feeling?
maybe a Schizophrenia person cares more about the sound he heard even though he heard it yesterday already. or maybe he cares more about the movement of his hands, so he swings repeatedly to reasonalize the motion of his hands.

just like some "normal" person care about car, house, pc data. so if a person care about installing operating system, he would keeps reinstall his OPERATING system every 3 days or every week, just like the Schizophrenia person who continuos swing his hands to reasonalize something out of that action.

Schizophrenia people are unique compare to us because, the thing they could feel and try to reasonalize are different from us. maybe we see the motion of swinging hands as nothing or maybe not a thing to be deeply analyze, but for them, maybe it is different.

~ maybe i am right.

 Thursday, April 27, 2006

posted by : -> i got a free domain <-
check http://sleep.co.nr , i got it free!! from http://www.freedomain.co.nr/

but it requires you to put a link-back button in your first main page, which is. well. reasonable.

Slashdot CSS Redesign Contest
The winner will get a fancy laptop. We haven't picked the exact one yet, but it's going to be a good one- we're not cutting corners. You'll be able to choose from a MacBook Pro or else a bleeding edge Alienware laptop. We'll pick the specs when we pick a winner so you get whatever is supremely awesome, but valued up to US $4500. We'll also be offering a $250 runner up prize.

ok, check his blog.

 Wednesday, April 26, 2006

posted by : -> faith <-
faith is only accountantable where you haven't seen nor heard.

imagine i put 20 cents coin in my a box and covered it then i ask you to guess what is it inside.

you couldn't figure out what inside, then i say, i put 20 cents coin inside.

then you could choose to believe or not to believe me. and that is FAITH.

once the box is uncovered, and you saw the truth, there is no more point to believe anymore. and you couldn't believe anymore as you MUST accept it as truth already.

 Tuesday, April 25, 2006

posted by : -> knowledge sharing from MIT <-
everybody could learn something new from here


~ everybody only got roughly 80 years of life to know and learn something while on this earth, after that, we all would go to another world. :)

 Sunday, April 23, 2006

posted by : -> how to pray when a muslim goes to outspace? <-
an astronaut would comes out soon from my country.
but the problem if, how he gonna prays in space station if he is a muslim.

the easy answer is, he doesn't have to (coz you couldn't stand firmly when you are in space), he just needs to prays back once he comes back to earth.

of course, nobody gonna accept the above answer, coz it is too easy, those scholars demand for more hard and complex answer. lol.

 Saturday, April 22, 2006

posted by : -> evil website <-
i encountered an evil website yesterday.
it required you to register in order to download some file.
so, i quickly filled in one of my "dummy" account email.
to my surprise, the web noted me that the email address already registered.
i mean, how come? so i filled in another "dummy" email, and i got the same response, it was registered already. weird.

so, i think, how about retrieve back the password? and i fill the dummy email and clicked on "retrieve" password button, and the web notified me that the account was invalid? more weird...

i concluded that the website was only aim to collect more email address in order to spam or other marketing purpose. so, to you all, becarefull.

another more common technique is, the website would tell you that the password you entered was wrong, so what you usually did is, you try again and probably use another set of password that you usually use (which is quite danger) because the purpose of that website might be to harvest your password list.

 Thursday, April 20, 2006

posted by : -> 64-bits computing <-
is there a need for 64-bits if you only got 2GB ram? :p
well, the limit of 32-bits pc is, they only able to access uniquelly till 4GB address, 2^32= 4,294,967,296

and for 16-bits computing , 2^16 = 65,536 (about 65 kbytes) the old old DOS pc i guess

so, should we move to 64-bits? well, my logic tells me, unless you got more than 4GB RAM, otherwise why go for 64-bit? coz when you are in 64-bit, each address would be 64-bit or 8 bytes.

ok. ja

 Wednesday, April 19, 2006

posted by : -> war on IRAN <-
is that possible?
feel likes it is quite possible.

US + Russia + China VS Iran ?

bad news everyday. maybe people would stop fighting when resources are abundant. but now.. so scarce. and many countries depend on oil.

men wouldn't stop killing. is men a born killer? what is our nature? are those negative behaviours inside our DNA?

what is human?

posted by : -> create window without title bar or captionless <-
to create such captionless or window without title bar,
you could set the CreateWindow style to WS_POPUP + WS_DLGFRAME :p

if you want borderless, use WS_POPUP instead.

easy right.

 Monday, April 17, 2006

posted by : -> a possible reality comic <-
if you able to read chinese, i would suggest you to get this comic, 末日(恐怖) by 望月峰太郎, it is a 10 episodes comic.

it got tons of reality check inside. able to make you to rethink why you are here today, able to make you scare of yourself.

desperation -> hopeless -> totally hopeless -> learning -> hope -> rethink -> hope

 Sunday, April 16, 2006

posted by : -> NTSD - debugger (consoless) <-

a Doron Holan's msdn blog that share information on debugging

posted by : -> solve maths problem <-

maybe you like to solve maths problems :)

 Saturday, April 15, 2006

posted by : -> mouse drag hittest code <-
i found a weird situation,
it seems that when you perform a mouse drag,
windows would give you a hittest code of "client area" even when your cursor are not in that area. eg, your cursor are dragging on the caption area.

once you let off the mouse drag, then only it gave you a caption area hittest code.


 Friday, April 14, 2006

posted by : -> the weird <-
imagine the computer is just a processor of tiny bits 0 and 1

the thing we all use now, database, operating system, and so on, is just 0 and 1. lmao.

human love to make easy thing . hard.
well, there are lots of benefits if doing so, when you make something hard, so hard that common people don't understand, you would then stand an advantage :)

imagine C language, which lots of datatype.
a variable, a pointer to a variable, a pointer to a pointer of a variable.
lmao :p

why i don't really like abut high-level language is,
they tend to make easy things hard, so hard that you got to buy a book to learn about what "hard stuffs" they created.

in assembly language.
we deal with 0 and 1, a byte or a word, or a double word.
in win32 programming, almost all variables are double word (4 bytes - 32 bits).
a pointer, well, a pointer is just a dword :P pointer to pointer ?
is a dword too.

fGs, if you want to learn about programming, i would suggest you to learn assembly language.

 Thursday, April 13, 2006

posted by : -> SetWindowsHookEx - mouse hook <-
one of the thing that i noticed when doing a mouse hook program is the sort of weird behaviour of WH_MOUSE - MouseProc callback function.

it seems that, even you create a Global mouse hook, and when your mouse pointer moves out of your application scope/area, whatever "transfering values procedure" that you code in your MouseProc function wouldn't get executed (like they are in different memory space).

so, guess the best way is to use SendMessage if want to transfer the calculated value in MouseProc to your application.

[add] april 13 - 10:06 am
the dll "shareable" section means, the variables inside that section would still available even if your active window currently is not the window that install the hook.

 Tuesday, April 11, 2006

posted by : -> time <-
time running out
so much to do, so much to learn, so much to guard, so much to take care

nobody is winner, everybody is loser.
so true.

 Monday, April 10, 2006

posted by : -> successfully to set up the network <-
well, if you look at my previous post with m0n0wall, i got a sort of low speed when pppoe using m0n0wall instead of winxp pppoe client.

btw, you could get a free copy of m0n0wall from here, http://m0n0.ch/wall/

luckily i got vmware :)

so what i did was, i set m0n0wall WAN nic to use VMWARE NAT (which the NAT use the HOST connection) to get online.

below is my sort of diagram.

pcA = winxp (do pppoe to ISP)
nicA =
nicB = gateway to vpc1 (

vpc1 = running freebsd - m0n0wall
nicA = (LAN) - nicA is a bridge to pcA - nicB
nicB = gateway ( (WAN) - nicB is configured as NAT

a switch that linked the cable from pcA-nicB

so basically, watever pc that connected to the switch would get 10.1.2.x ip and gateway to and able to connected to internet :)

and this m0n0wall requires the Adobe SVG viewer which could be downloaded from http://www.opera.com/support/search/supsearch.dml?index=466

 Sunday, April 09, 2006

posted by : -> 我是不是该安静的走开 should i leave silently <-
i don't know why like this
love is not as i imagine
couldn't find the path towards love
forget about how to forget
standing on the rain, tears on my eyes
don't know where to go
heart never stop calling on you
searching for you like crazy
should i leave silently
or stay bravely
felt so helplessness
could we start all over again

posted by : -> well, my network got m0n0wall <-
one of the trickiest part when setting up the m0n0wall is :)

the WAN static IP Address.
i was tricked to spend about half-hour only to figure out how the interface really works.

1. you must set the WAN connection to "static"
so it would opens up the WAN ip and gateway, set the gateway to your router IP or modem ip.

save it

2. then change the connection to PPPoE, then fill the username and password to connect to your ISP,

at the time you set the PPPoE, you would notice the static ip address you set earlier is GONE already (unvisible). don't worry, it is there.

after that save. and PPPoE would get connected and suddenly, your PC could online.

btw, i set the m0n0wall in a vmware :)

ok, i tried the m0n0wall

and set it port forward 8080 for my µtorrent client :)
well, the speed is a bit low compare if i pppoe straight from winxp machine.
gonna monitor it for a while.

well, tested,
it seems that when doing bit torrent gateway to monowall, the best speed i got is around 20 kbytes, but if i use winxp pppoe connection and set gateway to modem, the speed is like 40+ kbytes.

 Friday, April 07, 2006

posted by : -> simple way to make your window transparent <-

invoke GetWindowLong,[hwnd],GWL_EXSTYLE
invoke SetWindowLong,[hwnd],GWL_EXSTYLE,eax
invoke SetLayeredWindowAttributes,[hwnd],0,150,LWA_ALPHA

easy right ! :)

posted by : -> restore window from system tray <-
let say,
we make a window hides after a minimize event and load an icon into system tray.
once detected left button pressed on icon tray, we restore the window.

it works for the first time,
which means, hided window would get restored and activated.
but once you minimize it again and try restore it.
it would get restore but not activated and seem like it is on the back of all other windows.

i tried

invoke SetForegroundWindow,[hwnd]
invoke ShowWindow,[hwnd],SW_RESTORE

and it seems works now.

 Thursday, April 06, 2006

posted by : -> logic, what is logic <-
everybody interpret logic differently.

for me, logic is what acceptable by brain.
well, knowledge and experience play really important part here in order to decide what is acceptable by brain.

eg. if you ask a person who don't know binary what is the result of 1+1, he would says 2, what if you tell him the result could be 10. maybe he replies you, that is illogic.

how about the way we write some simple assembler syntax,
mov eax,10
so to move value 10 into register EAX.

how bout mov 10,eax
well, if the above syntax would result into EAX having value 10, then we couldn't call the syntax illogic, coz it is just be a matter of preference.

so, from here, we could conclude, as long as the final result is similiar although using different methods. they are still logic.

in other sense, logic could be the way our brain think. or how our soul thinks.
is brain = soul ? = XX

if nobody is completely right, and nobody is completely wrong.
so what is right and wrong?

 Wednesday, April 05, 2006

posted by : -> creativity <-
creativity is the creator of knowledge.

this is a great asset that most people got initially but fade away when people accustomed already to certain procedure.

so, who would create the new type of car or travel method,
only those who sick with current type of travel mechanism people would tend to give more time to mind to think about future car.

you could feel pain even when no knive cutting on you.
so what is pain. it is real or it is just some fake alerts to our conscious.

long time didn't put image,
gonna upload one here. (my master piece) using Paint.exe


 Tuesday, April 04, 2006

posted by : -> ikobo - a payment processor for malaysian <-
perhaps you never heard about ikobo http://www.ikobo.com, it is a pay-pal like payment processor existed in our world.

i only knew this after reading from a lady's blog this morning.

so, i sign up an account on ikobo :) well, i would only received the ikard (a sort of debit-card) when somebody send me some money on the first time. the person who send the first money to me would pay extra (like 5 USD) for my ikard :P so that i would withdraw the money from local visa plus ATM machine.

according to some comment i read about ikobo, it appeared that they make people who want to pay you money a bit harder. (i don't know why), no idea yet.

k, see you all later.

 Monday, April 03, 2006

posted by : -> no mood <-
don't know why, felt like no mood lately.

been thinking a lot lately.
like electricity, magnetism.

stop here. wait till mood good and post more.

 Saturday, April 01, 2006

posted by : -> girlish slashdot <-
never seen such girlish slashdot.org before.


posted by : -> dare to dream, dare to start ... <-
dare to dream,
dare to start working for dream,
dare to fail,
dare to restart,
dare to learn,
dare to admit mistakes,
dare to continue until dream achieved,

imagination is the creator of knowledge.

nobody is smart, everybody is learning every day.

what is true, what is false, you make decision, judgement, based on all available information, you may be right, you may be wrong, but once you exercise your mind and choose the best possible method or way, then have no worry.

would God gonna blames you if you already try every possible way to know God? there should be no worry for people who strive hard to improve him/herself everyday.



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